Welcome to Job-4u.co.uk. From the web, to mobile, to social, we help companies find people with customised solutions and we use the world’s most advanced technology to match the right people to the right job.

We’ve made it our mission to help you find better candidates. And nobody brings you more cutting edge tools to help you do just that than Monster. SeeMore?, 6Sense?, BeKnown? and Career Ad Network? are just four examples of the innovative thinking that Monster brings to the table. Whatever your needs are, we have the products and technologies to build a bespoke solution for you, to help you find better.

Discover candidates in a way that’s never been possible using Boolean search. Unlike keyword based searching, our CV search technology, powered by 6Sense?, “thinks” like you do. It analyses CVs for both meaning and context so it delivers results that more closely match what you are looking for, scoring and ranking each candidate based on your search criteria. We can even automate your search for you based on your job posting criteria and provide applicant matches directly to your inbox. 6Sense? powers a suite of products, so we can do the hard work for you. Stop searching for CVs and start matching.

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